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"Certificate Course in Mobile Security" 29th-31st Jan, 2015, Delhi   •   "3rd Security and Privacy Symposium" Feb 13-14, 2015 CERC, IIIT – Delhi  •    "UNHACK - School Cybersecurity Awareness Program", Delhi– March 2015   •   "Workshop/Seminar" By Prof. Mustaque Ahamad, Director, Georgia Tech InfoSec Center 6th – 9th April 2015


  • Wish you a happy PCI DSS 3.0 [31 dec, 2014 ]

    With dawn of the New Year, on 1st Jan 2015 the PCI Data Security Standards (DSS) standards will become mandatory, and PCI Qualified Security Assessors (QSA) will be required to assess merchants against PCI 3.0....   Read More >>

  • "Insider Threat" underlined in Sony Hack. [30 dec, 2014]

    The Sony hack may not have been the handiwork of N Korea after all. Fresh evidence indicates this is probably the work of disgruntled insiders taking 'revenge'...   Read More >>

  • CISO Academy Cybersecurity Perspectives-2015 [26 dec, 2014]

    If 2014 was the year of the breach – it was courtesy cybercriminals and their cybercrime industry in full throttle ably supported by the complacency of victim organizations...   Read More >>

  • Sony hack – Cybersecurity at new nadir. [18 dec, 2014]

    Snowdon's leak of a quarter million documents (about 15MB in size) looks puny compared to the over 100TB of data breached in the Sony hack...   Read More >>

  • Regin. Oh! my God Regin. [22 dec, 2014 ]

    We thought we had seen them all. But this is the biggest baddest deadliest of them all! Nobody is sure when Regin appeared - it is the most elusive malware in the world...   Read More >>

  • Cybersecurity is everyone's concern. [22 dec, 2014]

    Like a person with an infectious disease can infect those who come in contact with him, so can an infected device compromise those it connects to. ...   Read More >>



Cybersecurity has become a strategic organizational risk and its potential impact on the bottom line and indeed the very survival of the organization is eliciting serious concern from the top management and the Board, and driving stringent regulatory and compliance mandates. CISO Academy has deep domain expertise and is considered amongst the top providers of cybersecurity consulting and advisory services.



With most cyber breaches attributed to human factor, cybersecurity is really about people. Developing workforce cybersecurity skills is a core essential for any organization to address the tide of cyber threats. But workforce skills must extend beyond mere technology to managing operations & risk. CISO Academy's ATOM approach encompasses Awareness, Technology, Operations and Management.



The Internet is woven into the fabric of everything we do - at work or at home. While the convenience of the Internet is compelling for humans, it comes at a price because the Internet and Cyberspace can be very hostile to the unwary. In this environment cybersecurity awareness has become a basic hygiene required by all citizens and all employees. CISO Academy's Security Awareness Program addresses this need.



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